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    Safety and Security Are Our Top Priorities at Every Stage of Your Journey:
    Whether you are camping on safari, trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro, beach combing on the Swahili Coast, or trekking Oldonyo Lengai, Mount Kenya or elsewhere in East Africa, we anticipate your safety needs and carefully plan for contingencies. You always travel with staff trained in the highest standards for safety and security.

    Focusing solely on East Africa – Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi and the Swahili Coast – allows us to know each country intimately, directly benefiting our guests. We’ll discuss with you in detail the safety needs and concerns you have for your safari. These discussions assist staff with preparations so your safari is safe and comfortable.

    When you see through the Eyes of a Great Guide, you have a Great Safari
    Premier wildlife viewing is not just about being in the right place, at the right time. Those things matter, but more important is working with guides who have unique talents, professional, experienced and wisdom about wildlife. These are treasured skills, often passed down from father to son.

    The shapes off in the distance that turn into elephants, the rustle in the underbrush that signals a leopard moving, the glistening of cheetah spots moving through the long grass towards a herd of gazelle, and the distinct sound of a zebra barking. Our guides act as teachers and mentors unlocking a new way of seeing, hearing, and exploring the world. It is a joy to be in their company.

    Our internal credentialing process ensures that you are working with the top guides in each country. We encourage you to speak directly with prior guests. They will all mention the quality and character of the guides on our team.

    All Food is hygienically Prepared.

    • We Provide Safe Drinking Water both Bottled and Filtered.
    • We inspect the camps, lodges, and hotels where our guests stay on safari.
    • Particular attention is paid to the cleanliness of the kitchens, to hygiene practices of the kitchen staff, and to the expertise of the food service staff.
    • The accommodations, we chose to work with all make these things a priority.
    • Our safari vehicles are always well stocked with bottled or filtered water. Camps, lodges, and hotels also provide bottled or filtered water in your room or tent for tooth brushing.
    • On Kilimanjaro treks we provide ample filtered water, so you can hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more.
    • What does all of this mean for our guests? Enjoyable and exciting safaris where the spotlight is on the animals, the scenery, and the activities, without having concern about the food you eat or the water you drink.


    Our Vehicles Are All Custom Outfitted 4x4s:
    Land Cruisers or Toyota 4x4s makes all the difference for those guests who want premier wildlife viewing. The bush is a rugged place and you need a well-outfitted 4×4 vehicle to get you in close next to the animals, no matter what the habitat. Roof hatches that open for wildlife viewing, cool boxes and ample pockets inside the vehicle for all of your gear make your safari safe and enjoyable.

    Vehicle maintenance is crucial in East Africa. Every one of our Land Cruisers or Toyota 4x4s is given a thorough inspection and tune-up before and after each safari. Routine maintenance ensures that our guests spend their safari doing what they are there to do – view the wildlife.
    All of our safari vehicles are equipped with first aid kits and with radios for direct communication with headquarters, park offices, camps, and evacuation services. Where available your guide is connected into mobile networks.


    The coronavirus outbreak earlier last year turned the travel industry upside down. With borders slowly opening, safari properties and tour operators are moving swiftly to adhere to new protocols and standards

    The Country-Specific Information:
    Travelers should check with their airlines and all transit locations to understand their potential COVID-19 requirements for travel to and from Tanzania.
    All travelers whether foreigners or returning residents whose countries or airlines require them to provide negative testing for COVID-19 as a condition for traveling will be required to present a certificate on arrival. Travelers from other countries with symptoms and signs related to COVID-19 infection will undergo enhanced screening and may be tested on arrival.
    Passengers should fill in a Health Surveillance Form and submit it to health authorities upon arrival.

    The impact on people and wildlife in Tanzania
    Although this pandemic is bringing major changes to the world of travel – our business and your holidays – we are most concerned not about ourselves, or even our business, but about the impact it has on the ground in Africa.

    Extensive Pre-Trip Briefings and Materials that help you Travel in Health and Safety:

    • After booking your safari you’ll receive Lago Safari’s guide book which includes information about health and safety issues concerning your travel to Africa.
    • We give your health checklists and questions to ask your doctor. We provide up-to-date information from our embassy in your country for Disease Control about traveling in East Africa.
    • Questions about vaccinations or malaria before you leave for safari? We are available by phone to discuss these important health issues.
    • Pre-departure briefings prepare you with safe practices that will maximize your safety and security in East Africa.
    • We give you detailed instructions on local laws, customs, and safari practices, so that you will know what to expect at all times.
    • For added convenience, we give you phone and email contacts you can leave with friends and family at home to assure access if they need to reach you.

    Lago Safari’s Guests are All Covered for Back Country Evacuations:
    Every guest who books a safari with Lago Safaris-Tanzania is enrolled for back country evacuations. Different flight for life services operate in different areas of East Africa. This coverage provides the security of knowing that in the event of a medical emergency, you will be transported to a well-equipped hospital, with care in-transit.

    Evacuation teams are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Staff includes paramedics, trauma doctors, and nurses. We ask our guests to carefully consider their insurance needs while they are on safari. Many personal health insurance policies provide coverage for medical services received in East Africa, but some do not. When your own medical insurance does not provide coverage if you become ill or are injured in East Africa, we can recommend quality insurance policies that provide short term coverage.

    Thinking About Insuring Your Safari?
    Lago Safaris –Tanzania are strongly recommending that you take out trip cancellation insurance to protect yourself. If it is necessary for you to cancel your trip within 60 days of your departure, or to discontinue your trip once it has begun, you will lose a significant portion of your investment. Travel insurance companies offer cancellation coverage, trip delay insurance, baggage loss, and additional health insurance.

    Trust is Important
    At Lago Safaris –Tanzania is your entire safari funds are held in our account that is insured accounts until the date necessary for safari operations started. Your deposits and payments to us are made on time and through secure accounts. Our payment practices assist in maintaining relationships of respect with camp and lodge owners and staff. As Lago Safari’s guest you are warmly welcomed throughout your safari and holiday to Tanzania.