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    Mwanza City Tour: “The Pearl of Africa”
    Mwanza City welcomes visitors with natural and fresh weather from the source of River Nile off the shore of Lake Victoria. Mwanza City is an ideal place to start your adventure with wildlife safaris, boating and fishing on Lake Victoria or Rubondo Island, conducting research, or enjoying business. Mwanza City is the fast growing city in Tanzania, and is a dynamic, colorful destination of culture and life. It is a central point for great lakes countries in Africa, and the transit hub for many of Tanzania’s world-renowned tourist destinations like western and northern circuit wildlife safaris.

    Mwanza City Activities
    You can enjoy long bush walks and picturesque hikes, motorbike riding, boat cruises, lake fishing, and even visit famous kopjes or outcrops that are perched precariously on top of one another. Visit scenic islands, such as Ukerewe,Ukala,Kome,& Gabalema Islands, and expand your awareness by visiting cultural activities about Tanzania’s largest bantu empire ”Basukuma.” Mwanza is a pleasant and exceptionally lively town, and has a lovely waterfront that commands excellent views of the lake. The rocky city is also endowed with unique fish called Sangara (Nile perch), “the mother fish of Basukuma,” on Lake Victoria (other fish such as Tilapia and fune, can also found). Mwanza City has other unique tourist attractions such as Bismarck rocky, big rocky (Jiwe kuu), Igogo caves, rocky outcrops and underground tunnels (German Boma) that were used as an escape route when Germans ruled Basukuma.

    Mwanza City Tour Summary
    Begin the morning with a lovely breakfast at your hotel and depart at 8:00 a.m. for the Bujora Village to visit the Sukuma Museum, where you will learn about the traditions and culture of the largest tribe in Tanzania. The magic drums are fascinating at the museum, and in some exceptional cases, you may even have the opportunity to play them.
    Thereafter, drive back to Mwanza City Center and begin a Lake Victoria adventure by boarding a speed boat. Sightseeing and bird watching are done en route to the Saa Nane Island, stopping at various rock outcrops where flocks of cormorants, egrets, ibises, and the occasional monitor lizard are known to sunbathe.
    Sundowners are enjoyed from the island’s impressive rocky vantage points with a spectacular view of Mwanza City as the sun sinks into the Lake Victoria. Saa Nane National Park is a small park, but it’s like visiting a true a paradise! End the day by returning to your hotel for the night.

    Mwanza City Tours Day Trips Tanzania explores the city of Mwanza – the major Tanzanian port on Lake Victoria and a major centre of economic activities in the region. Lake Victoria borders the country’s East African neighbors – Uganda to the North West, and Kenya to the north east.
    Mwanza city makes a good base from which to explore the nearby Rubondo Island National Park and the western parts of the Serengeti. Rubondo Island National Park offers pleasant day-hikes and bird watching around the lake shore.
    Mwanza’s proximity to the western Serengeti makes it a necessary stop for visitors who want to experience a less bust part of the park and see the magic of the Serengeti without the parade of safari vehicles and seasonal crowds.
    Mwanza is also the centre of the Sukuma tribe, the largest tribe in Tanzania, who have inhabited and farmed the region for centuries. Cultural tourism programmes to their local villages and farms can be arranged through African Spice Safaris.

    The essence of the Lake Victoria sundowner cruise
    Set out for a magical, 2-hour sundowner cruise as the sun’s final rays set on the shimmering waters of Lake Victoria. Marvel at the beautiful scenery surrounding the lake and enjoy the sublime tranquility of your natural surrounds, passing local fisherman who are casting their final nets of the day as your boat makes its way to the equator line or a flourishing island.
    Lake Victoria is a lake of the largest: The most enormous tropical lake in the world and the greatest fresh water lake in the whole of Africa; one of the continents biggest lakes Lake Victoria is equal to the size of Ireland. Fortunate to have such magnificent liquid beauty, Entebbe’s Lake Victoria is home to an abundance of animals that love to frolic on the shore.
    Lolling lakeside are the gigantic hippos, very territorial they spend most of their days living in the water but at night rouse themselves out of their slumberous lethargy and stroll onto land to graze. Cast your eyes into the shimmering glint and you will spot crafty Nile crocodiles, as well as carnivorous Monitor Lizards and spotted-necked otters. Hear the cry of the stunning African fish eagle deftly sweeping across the glittering lake in search of a flash of slippery sliver. Cast your eyes into lush treetops where they can often be seen perched majestically in a lofty tree with the ideal view over the vast stretch of quivering water.
    Bask in the gloaming as you appreciate the dynamic kaleidoscopic colours of the horizon and your languorous world, floating on a scintillating body of water, transforming into a rich, star studded velvet night.

    Before visiting Mwanza, I always assumed it would be a laid back relaxed city with not much to do. I finally went to check it out recently – and was surprised.
    Our chosen accommodation was the Malaika Beach Resort, which is located some ten minutes from the airport.
    The resort is set in a beautiful location, with grand views of Lake Victoria, lush green gardens, natural ponds and an infinity pool. Looking across the lake from our balcony, we knew that this spot would make for the perfect base camp for the next few days.
    The weather in December was quite hot and humid, but a nice breeze coming from the lake made it pleasant. On our first day, we just relaxed by the pool and witnessed a beautiful sunset.

    Exploring Mwanza city is a must. On our 15-minute taxi ride from the hotel to town, we saw the huge Rock City Mall which really sticks out from the surrounding area. Our driver told us that even though it was so big it only had a few shops in it. We asked to be dropped off at the main market to explore the streets on foot.
    The city centre is very busy, with lots of shops and business people buzzing around. We walked past the train station and continued to the famous Bismarck Rocks.

    These granite rocks sit in the waters of Lake Victoria and are iconic for Mwanza. The Bismarck Rocks are found near the busy Kamanga ferry station. From here, ferry boats take people, cars and goods across the lake to different locations.
    We carried on around the Capri Point peninsula and eventually chose Hotel Tilapia for a well-deserved meal. The hotel sits on the shores of the lake and right across from the Saanane Island National Park. You can reach this tiny national park via a short boat ride from the park’s headquarters. It is great for hiking, rock climbing and bird watching.

    We really wanted to go and visit the local fish market, so we headed down to the Mwaloni Market. The market is massive, busy and loud. We walked around for a while and realised that the majority of the fish found there was “dagaa” – small sardine like fishes – which were packed in large sacks and piled up. The fishermen said a full sack of about 70 kilograms cost roughly 50 USD. While many families have fished here for generations, it is getting harder to make a living as fisherman at Lake Victoria due to overfishing.
    Our next stop was the Jiwe Kuu or Dancing Rocks. These granite rocks are quite high up on a rocky outcrop and offer simply the most spectacular view of Mwanza and Lake Victoria. It is said that once upon a time a powerful witch doctor wanted to prove his strength to the people, went to the Dancing Rocks and left his marks on the rocks turning them soft.

    There is said to be one rock in particular that really looks as if someone put their prints on it all the way around! But I easily fall for such superstitious tales.
    The Dancing Rocks is an amazing spot to watch the sunset and I definitely recommend it. The best way to get to the rocks is to organise a taxi from your hotel, as we found it quite difficult to actually locate the rocks when we asked people on the streets.

    What else is there to do in Mwanza
    Mwanza is home to the Wasukuma people and you can visit the Sukuma Museum at the Bujora Cultural Centre which is about 16 kilometers outside from Mwanza City. You learn about the Wasukuma and their culture. They are famous for their snake dances with rock pythons!
    Boat cruises can be organised on Lake Victoria, where you can get to experience a traditional boat while enjoying the vastness of the lake.
    The Serengeti National Park is only a two-hour drive away from Mwanza city making a visit to the city a great!
    All in all, I found Mwanza to be a very pleasant city, with a good mix of scenery, culture and entertainment and most definitely worth a visit.

    Important to know:
    Please note, that it is prohibited to take pictures at the Mwaloni Market.
    It is not advisable to swim in Lake Victoria due to the bilharzia (Schistosomiasis) also known as snail fever which is caused by a worm parasite found in the water.

    Enjoy this experience on these inspirational journeys
    Mwanza City Tours are short day trip offering you the opportunity to see the second capital city of Tanzania within a short time.
    Mwanza City Tours sight-seeing trips include Mwanza city nearby parks, restaurants, shopping malls, entertainment spots, granite rocks and Mwanza Green Spaces (gardens).
    During your stay in Mwanza, we can arrange a number of interesting excursions including a visit to the Kamanga ferry, the Bismarck Rocky, the Bujora Museum or the Saanane Island National Park to name a few.
    You can choose to take half day or full day excursion. All tours include a local private guide. Typically one can do 1 – 2 excursions in a half day and 2 – 4 in a fully day, plus a lunch or dinner.
    Mwanza City Tours transport can be in 4 seater saloon cars, 6 seater minivans, 6 seater 4×4 Land cruisers or an 18 seater bus. Depending on your preference the cost will always differ.

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