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    “A Wealth of experiences awaits you to……adventure of a lifetime”
    Welcome to Mwanza city, is the perfectly positioned to serve as a lake cruise tourism destination and is the widely considered as a gateway of the great lakes countries in Africa”

    Mwanza City Activities:
    You can enjoy long bush walks and picturesque hikes, motorbike riding, boat cruises, lake fishing, and even visit famous kopjes or outcrops that are perched precariously on top of one another.Visit scenic islands, such as Saanane & Rubondo National parks, Ukerewe,Ukala,Kome,& Gabalema Islands, and expand your awareness by visiting cultural activities about Tanzania’s largest bantu empire ”Basukuma”

    Mwanza is a pleasant and exceptionally lively town, and has a lovely waterfront that commands excellent views of the lake. The rocky city is also endowed with unique fish called Sangara (Nile perch), “the mother fish of Basukuma,” on Lake Victoria (other fish such as Tilapia and fune, can also found). Mwanza City has other unique tourist attractions such as Bismarck rocky, big rocky (Jiwe kuu), Igogo caves, rocky outcrops and underground tunnels (German Boma) that were used as an escape route when Germans ruled Basukuma.

    We at Lago Safaris, offer the World’s newest cruise destination on the Lake Victoria- “The Pearl of Africa”.
    This largest lake in Africa and the World’s second largest freshwater lake covering an area of 67,850sqkms, after Lake Superior in North America, it offers a truly outstanding holiday destination opportunities to explore the colorful life on the Lake where soaking up the atmosphere of lifetime on the Lake where fishing activities have not changed in the centuries! With spectacular rich of plenty fishes of different species, Lake Victoria is the “sport fishing Mecca” is a fisherman’s Paradise and fresh water fishing in Africa that offers the chance to catch huge Nile Perch and Tilapia in stunning surroundings.

    Boating trips/fishing game in Lake Victoria are an ideal way to see the best of the great lake and its ten islands surrounding the lake as well as its water based attractions. Fish and birds all thrive along the coastline and you can even see the flock of aquatic birds across the beaches at Rubondo island national park and Saanane islands proposed national park.

    We at Dreamline Travels & Tours specialized for boat Safaris, Canoeing and Dhow trips on Lake Victoria with combination of spot fishing with packed lunch can be arranged for those who want to spend the half or full day on the boat safari with picnic lunch at private islands or at the Lakeshore.

    There are some ideal spots for beach vacations, boat sundowners’ cruise, nestle in a secret cove, walk barefoot on the beach or just lie back in a soak up the sun. Venture out into the lake for a range of water spots or a bonfire under the stars on the beaches. On the way to South port of the Mwanza city through Maganga beach, Luchelele beach, Malaika beach and Tunza beach offer resort style lounging and some local beach hang- outs. These areas are happening place on weekends packed with local and tourists partaking in local beach games and lakeside snacks and beverages. Also in the north at Kayenze – Mwanza old port, Kageye & Speke bay, there are many unique beaches surroundings.

    Our full day boat or dhow trip will offer you a novel and interesting experience life on the lake.
    If you have been traumatized by the stresses of city living, we offer the ideal or hidden place on the island in which to recuperate and do some introspection without any intrusions. It is a very therapeutic place to refresh your mind!
    Ecotourism takes you an exciting carved wooden tradition dhow ply or fiber speed boat on the lake, the professional guide tapping sticks on the water’s Surface in ancient fishing tradition to “wake the fish”… like Tilapia or Sukuma – Mother fish – Nile perch are caught and sustain the local population though it’s hard to fathom how fish are still fooled by the stick tapping strategy?
    Also it is your chance to visit birds breeding islands, especially a variety of water birds. At evening time, simply relax on the island beach cabin while you enjoy a fresh and sumptuous Tilapia barbeque and refreshingly cold drinks with catering from the professional chefs, that make your incentive day out one to remember!

    Your local guide will organize 5 – 7 hours, day trip or full day boat safari to sundown’s adventure sailing on wood boat or new fibber speed boat to visit interesting islands, fishing activities and spot fishing where you can have a chance to meet and greet local fishermen camps on the villages or to the islands to capture the true feeling of Africa.
    The Principal fish caught are the Nile perch (Latesniloticus), tilapia, African lungfish (Protopterus aethiopicus) and catfish (Clarias gariepinus). Enjoy boat safari on the Lake Victoria seeing multitudes of birds and experience the diversity of the life on the lake by visit bursting harbour of Kamanga ferry, Kayenze old port, Crocodile & hippos islands or Bukumbi and Kageye fishing ports. This friendly and welcoming small fishing town offers a colourful contrast to the Mwanza city. Followed the Lake shore south of the city to, where you relaxing on the beautiful tropical beach of Saa Nane or enjoy a variety of activities available along to this unique national park with picnic lunch.

    (i) South – East beach: – “The best kept secret”
    Lake Victoria through local fishermen organise private trips to more than ten islands and beaches, so that you can enjoy boat safari and experience the diversity of the life on the lake by seeing multitudes of birds, crocodile & hippos islands with bursting unique harbour ports or fishing channels and fishermen camps on the unique islands around the lake. This friendly and welcoming small fishing town offers a colourful contrast to the Mwanza city.

    Main tourism attraction:

    • Crocodile Island,
    • Di- brother’s monkeys,
    • Leopard tortoise and fish farm.

    (ii) Western beach zone:
    Tunza beach, Kalumo beach village, Maganga beach (Gabalema local fishermen camp) and Juma Island.

    Main tourism attraction:

    •  Local fishermen camp
    •  Arabic historic village
    •  Unique village for 25 bird species, otters, fishermen camp
    • Crocodile Island
    • Spot fishing & games

    (iii) North Port beach:
    Bismarck’s picnic area, Miama beach, Mwaloni beach, Kayenze village beach, Kageye village beach and Speke bay beach.
    Main attraction:

    •  Bird species
    • Spot fishing & games
    • Local fishermen villages
    • Bismarck rock
    • Mwaloni fish market
    • Picnic sites


    Full day boat Safari to South – East and Western route.
    Your tour starts at discovering the beauty of fishing village and camps that are both good way and really interesting to see local fisherman how they live in peace, these camps are only used for fishing, the fisherman leave from this place and also come back here in the morning to sell the fish that they caught. Also you have chance to find the background of the fishing camps to picture the history you heard transform it to reality. Following the boat cruising trip to the crescent islands relaxing on the beautiful tropical I white sandy beaches of Nansio lagoon, there is beautiful protected area within sandbanks in the hidden places around the lake, you sail to the deserted sandbanks in the islands for some lazy times on the unique view point for sundowners! Here it is your memorable time to watch the sunset, changing the sky from shades of pinks and blues to magnificent golden colours as you sail back towards the glimmering lights of Mwanza city “The Rock city”. Dinner and overnight at Malaika beach hotel.

    We offer you a wealth of interest to Juma Island, this small and unique Island offer a little peace of paradise in the way of outdoor adventures the island is already developed and offer nice possibilities to walk around and explore the island. By boat is easy to cross the island from Mwanza town and to visit other nearby islands to cover our Western route boat trip like Gabalema islands, Kalumo fishing camps, Tunza, Arabic historical village and settle rock. This island also has a rich of birdlife and other animals which can be found on the island and its water are spotted neck others, Monitor and Agama lizards. Also the island has a unique peak which gives you a great sunset view and offers some water sports like Waterskiing on the Lake and guided nature tours over the island.

    We board our boat or dhow at the Royal Sunset Beach & Campsite at Luchelele or Saanane island boat ferry, and then set sail towards a wealth of interest for visitors whatever your particular interest.
    We offer you exciting and picture locations for your interest either family, private or incentive groups, Whisky your family or group away to one of the sandbank or Lakeshore on the Lake Victoria for magical picnic party or special events with nothing but the sounds of the Lake as company, you sit at the comfortable chair with slow romantic music from your boat or dhow cruise, enjoy a sumptuous lunch or supper with refreshing cold drinks, season juice, or hard rules that increase in overall enjoyment of a meal!

    Unique Adventure on the Lake Victoria- “the largest Lake in Africa”
    With spectacular rich of plenty fishes of different species, the “sport fishing Mecca” in the Lake Victoria, record breaking catches. Tanzania is a fisherman’s Paradise and fresh water fishing in East Africa’s stunning Lake Victoria that offers the chance to catch huge Nile perch and Tilapia in stunning surroundings. Our speed boat or dhow cruise navigating through meandering on the Lake, winding channels and hidden islands that offer unusual and intimate view of Lake that offer something completely new, angling on the Lake for sport fishing like Tilapia and Sukuma – mother fish Sangara or Nile perch can be an exhalation way to spend the sunset on the Lake.

    If you’re fishing enthusiastic, Lake Victoria has everything you could dream of! We organizes a relaxing getaway boat cruising and dhow sailing trips on the Lake Victoria that recognizes the social and cultural uniqueness of new tourism packages in Western tourism circuit to the peaceful hideaway islands on the Lake which offering a perfect blend of casual elegance and friendly quality of services in the lush natural environment for fantastic marine life.
    Boat or dhow cruise tourism should definitely be pursued as it will open up a new tourism packages which offer you an experience, adventures, uniqueness and education that engages the stimulates in minds and sense of adventures to experience an African Sunset and touch the stars at night with campfire at the hidden islands or fishing camps that capture the true feeling of African!

    We are at Lago Safaris-Tanzania, we believe that selling holidays are selling dreams – come with us and we will make your African dreams come true and experience one!
    Tanzania’s wild creatures do not live in segregation; each species represents strand in the network forming the community of plants and animals in which it has fixed its niche. Even the briefest safari will go over many such natural communities and habitats. The eye soon discerns that the African wild is not a remarkable entity in which animals occur at random, but an ordered kingdom, where every creature has its appropriate place. Some species are tremendously adaptive and survive in a wide range of environments. Others are cramped to definite niches or microhabitats. It would take volumes to portray all of Africa’s flora and fauna, not to talk about their interaction and the habitats in which they survive in.

    Boat to Rubondo Island – “Unique environment“- 3days/2night
    Rubondo Island is tucked in the southwest corner of Lake Victoria, the world’s second-largest lake, an inland lake sprawling between Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. With nine smaller islands under its wing, Rubondo protects precious fish breeding grounds. Is the water wonderland comprising Rubondo Island and nine smaller islands tucked into a corner of Lake Victoria north- west of Mwanza. The park can be reached from there by a two way from Mwanza by a two –hour boat trip. Unlike other parks, cars are prohibited on the island: hence, there are guided tours led park rangers, who are usually armed.
    There is also an airstrip capable of handling light aircraft. The major attraction is the presence of many sitatunga which are indigenous to the island and not found any park in Tanzania. Other animals includes velvet monkey, hippos, crocodiles, genes, marsh mongooses and pythons, several other animals have been transplanted on to the island including giraffes, elephants, rhinos black & white colobus monkeys as well as tilapia form the staple diet of the yellow-spotted otters that frolic in the island’s rocky coves, while rapacious Nile perch, some weighing more than 100kg, tempt recreational game fishermen seeking world record catches. Rubondo is more than a water wonderland. Deserted sandy beaches nestle against a cloak of virgin forest, where dappled bushbuck move fleet yet silent through a maze of tamarinds, wild palms, and sycamore figs strung with a cage of trailing taproots.

    Our full day dhow or speed boat trip will offer you a novel and interesting experience life on the lake. If you have been traumatized by the stresses of city living, we offer the ideal or hidden place on the island in which to recuperate and do some introspection without any intrusions. It is a very therapeutic place to refresh your mind! Also it is your chance to visit birds breeding islands, especially a variety of water birds, Eurasian migrants and introduced African grey parrots. At evening time, simply relax on the beach while you enjoy a fresh and sumptuous Tilapia barbeque and refreshingly cold drinks with catering from the professional chefs, that make your incentive day out one to remember!

    Adventure Package | Walking Safari to Sukumaland
    To walk through the African bush is the wonderful way to experience Tanzania first hand! No better way to experience Tanzania culture than on foot.
    A walking safari is the best way to get as close as possible to the wildlife you came to Africa to see. After seeing the beautiful animals, plants and trees up close and personal you’ll have a better understanding of how the ecosystem works.
    Bush walks available in some areas of the national parks and outside the park boundaries. There are many different walks available, ranging from easy to strenuous.

    The tour take either half or full day tour which starts with exploration of local flora and fauna surrounding the indigenous forest reserve within the villages.
    Make walk through Sukuma villages discovering the world of African local people in the so much favored land……..United Chiefdoms of Sukumaland!

    You have chance to experience a culture inspired by ancient knowledge, traditional folklore and the secrets you will experience handled down through the centuries. You will also have a picnic lunch at a convenient point where you will experience the breathtaking Savannah plateau and discover its wide open grass plain and rolling hills. After hot lunch, proceed through the thick African bush and open grass plain in your quest to observe small animals, birds, butterflies in the natural environment. You will enjoy untouched wilderness extensive wild and birdlife for its large variety of the World famous and peculiar birds like Ostrich, African Jacana, African kite, Buzzard, bee eaters and African kingfisher which will actually capture the true feeling of Africa!

    It is an unforgettable experience and is completely safe as you are accompanied by our experienced local guide. It is an opportunity to interact with local people, school children and participate in community development projects.
    You meet with Upendo woman action group whose mode in cultural environment conservation in different aspects. Our guest have a chance to learn and participate in organic farming of vegetables and fruits, preservation and soap making, herbal plant farming, aircrafts and volunteerism projects.