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Lago Safaris Tanzania

More than anywhere in the world, successful travel in Africa requires local knowledge and experience. Lago Safaris -Tanzania is based in Africa – we know this place, we have the pace of Africa in our blood!

We take pride in our friendly knowledge and understanding of the diverse regions of Eastern and Southern Africa and we delight in being able to exploit this knowledge and understanding into a successful, viable business-like Lago Safaris -Tanzania.

Price-wise, we are always able to offer a total package price that would be lower than were you to book direct. This is because we have long-standing relationships with our suppliers and we are on preferential rates with them because of the volumes that we spend with them. We always pass some of this discount onto our

Our Tour Packages

We specialize in all forms of budgeted and Luxury travel packages including budget or Luxury holidays for independent travellers, family or group of any age and students.

Popular Lake Zone Packages

Mwanza | Lake Victoria | Ukerewe

Boating Safaris on the Lake Victoria

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Discover the Rocky City with Bicycles

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Islands and Beaches on Lake Victoria

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Sukuma Museum Centre (Bujora)

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Tour Packages for Ukerewe Island

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rockcity Mwnza

Mwanza City Tour

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Safari Packages

Northern Circuit | Southern & Western Circuit 

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8 Days Tanzania Safari and Cultural Activities

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2 Days Suitable Safari

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4 Days Private Safari

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7 Days Serengeti Balloon Safari

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13 Days Bird Watching Tour

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6 Days Budget Camping Safari

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Popular Destinations

Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking

 “Kilimanjaro, by any name, is a metaphor for the compelling beauty of East Africa”

Lago Safaris – Special Tours/Activities

Boat Safari

Boating trips/fishing game in Lake Victoria

Student Tour

We offer a range of planned student departures to coincide with student holidays

Cycling Tour

Cycling is the perfect way to enjoy the incredible landscapes

Beach Holiday

Tanzania is spectacular country for birding and paradise of birds,

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